Who’s that in the window?

Hi imaginary friends,

I love saying that as I never had one as a kid :)

“A window a window,

Through it shall see,

Reflections of

a memory”

by Patti Ross

A little poem I wrote while at the Orme school in Mayer, AZ. I attended this school freshman year and had to repeat just to get in because they allowed nothing below a “C” grade to get in and I had a “D” in freshman English at New Trier High school. Continue reading

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I’m wearing pants to perform!

Woo Hoo!

Hi all of my imginary friends,

Last night was this first time I dared to wear pants in a performance. I wrote a few days ago about having fun buying blue jeans for the first time after reaching my weight loss goal after 42 years of trying. I always had a thinner waist as a fatty.  My fat girl nick names were thunder thighs, tons of fun, hippoPATimus, Baby Huey, Fatty Patti, Little Lotta and so on. Continue reading

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My earliest memory of a food binge

This is my earliest memory of a food binge.

I was was walking home from a “Brownie” scout meeting at age 6. It was my turn to bring the snack and mom bought 2 bags of Pecan Sandies which did not go over too well so I had to bring the second bag home un-opened. Gosh how times have changed. My Brownie meeting was held was across the street from my school in a church on Wagoner Road. Continue reading

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Anything Worth Doing

Hi all,

Like there’s anyone out there :) My husband’s mom said to him once that “anything worth doing is worth doing  poorly at first”. I love this quote as it takes me out of my perfectionism which generally keeps me from starting anything at all.

I’ve adjusted my weight loss goal of 135 to 130 as I think that will get me down to really fitting in my size 4 jeans so they are not as tight as I see most women in California wearing them. Being so ADD I hate wearing anything tight or uncomfortable as I can’t get beyond that feeling of discomfort enough to enjoy my day. I don’t know how you women wear those unbelievable high heels or your jeans so tight. I weigh 133 now and have not been there since freshman year of college as a dance major at Columbia College. I had one great year doing all art and dance until my dad suggested I really go to college so I transferred to Lake Forest College and they accepted All my credits which were in dance, weaving, ceramics, creative writing and some other artsy fartsy class. Woo Hoo! I did not have to take the required freshman courses like freshman English which you may have already noticed by now.

I kinda feel like I’m on that Figi island with Tom Hanks & Wilson writing to no one in particular because no one is there. Well I’m here and I matter.

Have a wonderful day Patti and to anyone who may be there lurking. Take good care because we’re worth it!

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The Hell of Blue Jean Shopping

Hi all!

I never allowed myself to wear jeans until I was age 49 when they came out with a “non mom jean” version of jean that fit my long waisted body. The smallest size jean I have ever fit in was size 8 and not for long. Shopping for jeans was as bad as shopping for bathing suits. When are stores ever gonna get smart and put those skinny mirrors in their dressing rooms with flattering lighting… any way that’s beside the point. Yesterday was the first time I have ever had fun trying on jeans and I bought size 6 and 4 (I’m 5ft8in medium frame) for the very first time and I like how they look. Where did my hereditary Stern family “biscuit butt” go to??? Keep up the good work all… you’re worth it!

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