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I'm a senior associate with the marketing arm of a billion dollar plant based pharmaceutical company that is "Bringing the Best of Science & Nature to Humankind" The patented plants pick the people! I have been on a weight loss journey my entire life and have many stories to share that may serve others. I seek to brighten any room I enter and am a writer, artist & singer/songwriter performing in southern California.

My Pre-mom Jeans Fit!

Hi to all my imaginary friends, Sorry to be out of touch. My husband and I are back in the home I have loved and cherished since 1987. I have a bad back and can no longer handle the altitude … Continue reading

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How I Got My “Soul”

Yeah, I know I’m a white chick from the North Shore of Chicago, but my early development from age three to eight was largely shaped by my African American “second” Mom. Anna Mae, at 275 pounds, was an imposing, strong … Continue reading

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Who Ate the Blueberry Pie?

Wow what a day this has been. I shared my weight loss testimonial on a national conference call this morning. I went public and read one of my first blogs on I am up and running thanks to Courtney, … Continue reading

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