My Pre-mom Jeans Fit!

Hi to all my imaginary friends,

Sorry to be out of touch. My husband and I are back in the home I have loved and cherished since 1987. I have a bad back and can no longer handle the altitude or Colorado dryness. We are packing up all our memories and moving to CA where we have been living for the past three years and where I physically just feel better.

Below is from a FB post on a private diet site that I thought I’d share with you. I have deleted the pictures and correct names to protect the innocent weight releasers who share their personal journeys there. My weight loss testimonial on there is the reason I began this blog in the first place. Below is a recent post and the responses to it. I will be writing intermittently as I have a month to deal with the lifetime of stuff two people in their fifties and sixties accumulate. Reminds me of George Carlins awesome comedy bit on people’s stuff! I am a Stuff person!!!

“Got back to Colorado and went to try on my “before kids” jeans and they fit better then they did when I was wearing them in 1987. Are they in style? I think not! Time to kiss them goodbye. Thanks M… never thought I’d make it here ever again. Keep up the good work everyone, you’re worth it!!!”


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    •  That is so fantastic!!! Way to go!
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  • Wow! Patti that must be just a cool feeling:)
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Patti Stern Crossland Ross a bizarre feeling & surreal! R bought 33 sized pants down from a 38… woo hoo! I’ve never seen him like this. I have a new date :)

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  • Wow, congrats to both of you. Always nice to have a new date! LOL Can’t believe I’m not the only person in the world to have a pair of 80
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  • Woops, 80′s jeans in my closet, pre kids. I plan on saving mine forever and trying them on once in a while to make sure they still fit and smile!!!! I can almost wear them again! Although they are way out of style as you say. Mine even have tight legs and zippers up the side by the ankle. OMG can’t believe I wore them. haha I really and honestly can’t believe there is someone else out there who hung on to something like that. hahahaha
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Patti Stern Crossland Ross Oh so funny Melanie… you just described my jeans!!! Cheers to you!

The above FB thread is a bit hard to follow I realize and I still haven’t worked out adding images but as I said before, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly at first” :0)

Have the best day!

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