I Chose My Family

Good morning everyone :)

For some reason I woke up at 5am this morning, my mind was working overtime and I’m excited for this day’s events. I am doing a “Reconnection” based on the work of Dr Eric Pearl’s book , The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself. He’s a wonderful well known healer and it is being conducted by one of his trained practitioners, Leilani Lee, Holistic Health Practitioner in CranioSacral & Viceral Manipulation in San Diego who I have her permission to write about here. I’ve known her since I was 18 and she has always been a gift in my life and has been doing work along these lines for 25+ years. It has to do with reconnecting the strings and strands of my DNA… yes I know, read the book! She is helping me unblock/free up areas and adhesions in my body from a c-section, 1983 car accident and my current six year adventure with herniations, chronic sciatica & annular tears. I had a very painful childhood and that pain lives in my organs and in every cell of my body and I seek to release this so I can move forward, forgive and get on with the life I have ahead of me. 

Some people may be shocked to know that this bright, talented, funny, intelligent “Golden Retriever” (I currently have my sixth Golden named Bella) tail wagging blond who comes from a wealthy family could possibly have had anything but a charmed life but you’d be wrong. I love that I can say all those wonderful things about myself because most of my life was filled with self hatred. You never know what is going on behind the doors of the households of people you know and in your neighborhood. You never know what kind of day people are having so I like to be kind. Thanks to Oprah and others we know far more than we ever used to and I am thankful to her for being so open about her past because it frees me and others to be the same. I accept full responsibility for my part in everything that has happened to me and feel blessed to be born in the family that I chose for this life’s journey. In no way do I wish to tarnish anyone in my life and I want to make that very clear. We all do our best with what we choose and I know that my journey is about the lessons I am here to learn and the people in my life are there purposefully to help me and me for them.

 Wow, just got back from my most amazing session with Leilani… story for another day. Was that legal? :)

Oops look at the time, must get on to see Dr Woo and then I am so excited to put new lyrics I wrote to an awesome acoustic piece by Sir William, my brother. We’ve been playing together for 35 years except we’ve really been able to get more accomplished as I’ve been out here in La Jolla for the last three years from Colorado.


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