I’m wearing pants to perform!

Woo Hoo!

Hi all of my imginary friends,

Last night was this first time I dared to wear pants in a performance. I wrote a few days ago about having fun buying blue jeans for the first time after reaching my weight loss goal after 42 years of trying. I always had a thinner waist as a fatty.  My fat girl nick names were thunder thighs, tons of fun, hippoPATimus, Baby Huey, Fatty Patti, Little Lotta and so on. I’ve always been really sensitive about my thighs so I have worn skirts my entire life to hide them. They are my “thighs of shame” where technically I tend to store my fat as well as toxins and toxic memories. Getting ready to perform I always had to search through my closet for skirts & tops to try to pair together to make myself appear thin…

after all… who wants to see a “fat” white chick sing. That was true until Adele came around. She’s amazing and quite round God bless her! Why is it, by the way, that African American women can be fat and loved by their men for the junk in their trunk? I have a black woman’s body and I don’t see white men ogling me. I do get looks from black men however… hmmm. Well I am happily married thick or thin by my wonderful husband so thank you angels for bringing this wonderful man into my life. 

Anyway, last night getting ready to perform was a joy because I did not have the usual bed covered with clothes strewn about it trying to find something I would look good in to sing that night. I put on my size 6 black pants that are already a little big… should have bought the size 4. Put on a top, shoes, jewelry, shawl and out the door and ready on time to be picked up for our event. My husband said I looked hot and skinny as I walked out the door. At 55 and in full menopause I can’t believe I’m at my goal weight. 

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